Tax Investigations & Professional Fee Protection Insurance

The Government is committed to ensuring that all individuals and businesses are paying the correct amount of tax.

This commitment means that there is now a significant increase in the power available to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) to enquire into a taxpayer’s affairs. Under these powers, HMRC can make enquiries on a random basis and any business can be investigated, regardless of how well their tax affairs have been prepared. Many businesses also now have the additional worry of compliance checks such as a VAT, PAYE or CIS visits.

The accountancy and tax profession has seen a significant increase in the number of HMRC enquiries raised and the level of detail that is often required and this has not gone unnoticed by both professional and national media. Enquiries such as this can be both expensive and time consuming for the business owner.

Macario Lewin offers a tax investigation fee protection service for all clients. This service makes all of our resources available to assist, should a client be subject to an enquiry from HMRC, with costs will be covered by the insurance premium.

We have an extremely successful track-record in dealing with HMRC enquiries and are able to offer a complete, pro-active and open service in dealing with new clients that require assistance with a tax enquiry or investigation.