Expatriate Taxation & Employment Services

Expatriate Taxation

We able to offer expatriate taxation services to international organisations where employees work overseas or to accommodate foreign national employees on a short to mid-term basis.

Macario Lewin has a forward- thinking and practical approach to International Mobility and advises a growing number of clients on expatriate taxation, specifically with respect to Europe, Middle East, Africa and Australasia. Our areas of specialisation include income tax, social security and assignment policies.

Expatriate Taxation is a specialised offering and an area whereby experience in the taxation systems of different jurisdictions, an understanding of national cultures and a strong client relationship in both the home and host country is very important to a successful assignment. With considerable experience in the sector, we are well placed to offer a real alternative and a hands-on practical approach to expatriate tax services.

Employment Services

Good employees are one of the most important factors in the success of any business, and we understand that first class employee relations are essential, with the ability to attract the best becoming more competitive.

Having a robust and compliant employment contract is very important and at Macario Lewin we can assist through our network of specialist legal advisors in drafting or reviewing employment contracts, terms and conditions, staff handbooks and training.

From a remuneration and tax perspective, we can advise on tax efficient remuneration for directors and shareholders of owner-managed businesses and for the employees of the business.

We also offer an outsourcing payroll service for businesses which includes weekly or monthly processing of payslips, ongoing advice and End of Year matters such as Form P35 and Form P11D.

Redundancy/Termination of Employment

We provide bespoke advice with respect to redundancy and employment termination, from both an employer and employee perspective.